Collab Supports COP26

What is COP26?

For nearly three decades the UN has been bringing together almost every country on earth for global climate summits – called COPs – which stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’.

In that time climate change has gone from being a fringe issue to a global priority. This year will be the 26th annual summit – giving it the name COP26. With the UK as President, COP26 takes place in Glasgow. In the run up to COP26 the UK is working with every nation to reach agreement on how to tackle climate change. World leaders will arrive in Scotland, alongside tens of thousands of negotiators, government representatives, businesses and citizens for twelve days of talks.

How are we supporting COP26?

Collab are a virtual event specialist. We have created a fully immersive virtual environment to showcase the East Midlands leg for COP26.

Our Interface

Using Collab, we provide a visual interface that allows the audience to network and interact with panel speakers and other delegates.

Our Equipment

Using studio quality equipment, we can bring live presentations and panel speakers to audiences across the globe, allowing people to feel like they’re in a live event.


Using our platform, the audience can navigate around the COP26 venue. We have designed this virtual space to encourage people to network and meet new people, as well as speak to industry leaders about a range of chosen subject matters

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