We are Remo Virtual Events Specialists

We are your solution to remote working, entertainment, social areas, networking and events using the Remo platform.

Remo Virtual Events Specialists

We can turn your Remo virtual events into an engaging experience, creating a fully immersive event that feels as much like real-life as possible.

Take your Remo events to the next level and ensure that your attendees are getting the best possible experience from your event.

Benefits of Collab

Remo Agency Partneres


Utilise up to 20 advertising banners promoting your event sponsors and partners.

Realistic Spaces

Give people the feeling of attending the actual venue by making it as realistic as possible with our 3D floor plans.

Virtual Worlds

Link venues together in order to create a virtual world for your event, company or organisation.

Our virtual events are fully bespoke. Contact us for more information.

Virtual Worlds

Starting from £7000 a year

Virtual World Architects

We have highly skilled experts that will work to realise your vision of a virtual world.

Recreate physical venues & environments

We can recreate any real-life venue and give people the feeling of familiarity to help with immersion.

Remo consultants

Our knowledgable Remo consultants will talk you through all aspects of the platform leaving no stone unturned.

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Collab is a great way to network, attendees can easily meet new people

Remo 3D floor plans

starting from £300

Our state-of-the-art floorplans can turn any real-life space into a fully virtual 3D environment.

Take your events to the next level and ensure that your attendees are getting the best experience possible.

Inhouse Floorplan Architects

Recreate physical venues

Design consultants

Library of ready-made designs

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Virtual office spaces

from £2 / user / day

A private space where you and your team can work from to ensure you’re still in contact no matter where you're logged in from.

Our 3D-realistic floorplans can recreate any real-life or imaginary location!

24/7 access for your employees in a private space

Host team meetings, 1-2-1’s, brainstorming sessions

Easily see who is online

Virtual Whiteboards and Screensharing

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Companies who love Collab

What our customers say

“We’ve used Collab now for several meetings and are over the moon – it’s about as close to being in a room with other people as you can be… we have definitely connected with new people and generated new clients through using the Collab platform. We are now recommending it to Nettl clients who are looking for alternative ways to hold online events.”

Lesley, Director

Nettl of Newark and Grantham

“The Collab Virtual Office has been a great asset to the Gusto Group during the current pandemic… having the Collab page open and seeing everyone sat at their tables, knowing that they are just a click away, lessens the feeling of isolation.”

Emma, Office Manager

Gusto Construction

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Non Profit Charity Discount

We support good causing and as such we can offer up to 15% discount for any charity Contact us now to find out about our full charity pricing.


How does the virtual world work?

Depending on your plan, you will either have your own exclusive virtual office or co-working space, and access to an open networking hub where you can connect with like-minded business people all over the world.

How many people can my floorplan hold?

Each floorplan can hold a maximum of 100 people. We can layer these on top of one another if you have more than 100 people attending your event, meaning you only need to buy 1 floorplan for up to 1000 people.

We like an existing floorplan, but would need to make some changes. Can I do this?

Yes, we offer small revisions like seating re-arrangement or colour changes as part of the price.

I want a floorplan based on my own design. Is this possible?

Absolutely, if you get in contact, we will collect all of the information we need, and then get to work on bringing your design to life!

I’m unsure how to use the Remo platform for my event. Will the Collab team be able to walk me through this?

Of course, we offer full technical support leading up to and throughout your event if needed.